BitBay 1st Official Voting Poll Results

The first official BitBay community vote was a resounding success! All the votes have been tallied.

Voting results from Saturday 4/1/17 00:00 UTC thru Tuesday 4/4/17 00:00 UTC:

stakefork = 917 votes
Burn Address = bPFjpZ3TwVJHudKrhxzqb9oPDvhBsQBtPV

nostakefork = 557 votes
Burn Address = bNoCY5mK3V7TVZDKoTqYCySC4vzzwDLuGm
Thanks to everyone who participated. Yet again, this proves how powerful blockchain technology can truly be! And proves that with BitBay, gridlock and political strife are a thing of the past! We will have many more in the future.

David will begin prepping for the fork to correct the stake reward to the proper amount. No date had been set, we will provide ample notice when that date is set in stone.

If you are new to BitBay, feel free to come join the community! BitBay Slack
We have door prizes for new members and a great atmosphere! Hope to see you soon!