BitBay Client v1.26 Update Now Available

The second update of 2017 to BitBay’s fully functional Decentralized Smart Contract client is now available. Client v1.26 contains an amazing assortment of features making it more convenient, more secure, and more private than ever before.

If you already have the Client installed, simply open it and you will be prompted to update. If you are downloading for the first time you will need to visit the BitBay Download Page to choose the platform you will be running on. For future information on the latest updates, or if you have any questions, the best place to find us is in BitBay Slack.

If you have been watching, you know we have been highlighting many of the features you will see in this release over the past weeks, including…

Client Staking — Moves PoS Staking to the Client, eliminating the need for the QT wallet

Cold Staking — Keep your two keys on separate systems safely securing your BAY

Anti-Keylogger — Enter password characters with your mouse instead of the keyboard

Decentralized Voting — Vote on anyone’s proposal, or create your own

Added Tor Proxy — Utilize Tor for behind the scenes data retrieval

In addition to the features above, this release also includes the following list of new features and updates…

  • Font sizes in pixels instead of points since PyQt4 has no DPI adjustment for UI
  • Made clear key location on Exit
  • Added Email login on account loading to protect password
  • Added ability to filter other currencies
  • Added way to activate debug file from UI
  • Added custom splash screen for Halo coins
  • AOL/Outlook typo fixed, removed support for due to change in their programming
  • Enhanced user interface, various fixes
  • Detected when users move keys from known location
  • Added generic encryption for sensitive data in temporary files
  • Fixed balance float
  • Fixed sorting and interface with the markets table
  • Encrypt/Decrypt functions added in the menu
  • Sign/Verify functions added in the menu
  • Updated pastebin URL
  • Fixed Email encoding/padding issues