BitBay Community Update — 18th Sept 2017

- New BitBay release Oct 1st!
Bitmessage server — this will greatly improve our ability to broaden our user base as we can provide both a decentralized protocol for users demanding it, yet for those that want the ‘easy button’ approach they can simply utilize the bitmessage server for faster easier access to transact on the marketplace. This will also allow us to begin developing the mobile wallet that can interact with the marketplace!

- The BitBay Block Explorer is near completion and should be released around the middle or end of October
The explorer development is complete. We just have to finish with the graphical design of the website.
This is another step forward for the development of the mobile wallet as the mobile wallet will have to rely on a “lite wallet” protocol due to hardware requirements of the desktop Client version.

- We are excited to announce new members to our marketing and development team
Chris Kelly — Is currently our lead developer for the bitmessage server.
Cat and Mel Tranfield — have joined our social media team and will be working on various marketing task which currently include building a weekly newsletter template to make all our updates and announcements with professional quality.

- BitBay’s first CheckLockTimeVerify transaction was successfully tested a couple days ago! This will lay the groundwork for the dynamic peg and the process of controlling volatility via freezing/unfreezing coins. For more info —

- Bootstrap tutorial to speed up synchronization process will be available on the official BitBay Youtube (and under the “tutorials” section of our website) later this week, as well as the faucet tutorial. This will help our new users become familiar with the BitBay software!

Reminder that the upcoming Exotic Spending features are explained in detail at on our Subreddit: