BitBay Community Update — 26th Nov 2017

Reminder: to ensure a smooth and seamless transition during the hardfork scheduled for November 30th, please update and synchronize your BitBay Market Client to the latest in advance. The old chain WILL be abandoned, and all BitBay coins will remain on the BitBay fork. We aim to have 90% of our users fully updated prior to the fork. Coins left on Bittrex will be safe.

We are happy to announce that our web presence in Poland is to be bolstered by, who will be working closely with us in the future to circulate BAY-related press releases and articles.

A detailed blog post has been prepared to inform users of the variety of functions our new web wallet will have in store for them, as well as what this release will entail for future development options. With the door being opened to new possibilities such as mobile app development, website-hosted integration, and a mobile marketplace, this is one of our most exciting announcements to date. Read more about the wallet here.

We’ve been tweaking the formula for our marketing strategy, and our team can now proudly say we’re making excellent progress! With our Twitter account rapidly approaching 7000 followers, over 2000 newsletter subscribers, website traffic up ten times in November as compared to the month prior, and a huge influx of trading volume — it’s safe to say we’re getting the word out!

A neat BitBay price tracker has popped up on the Android app store! Available for download here.

The invitation URL to the BitBay Slack has changed. The new Slack link URL is as follows: The old invitations to the BAY Slack are no longer valid.