BitBay Community Update — 6/26/2017

We are pleased to announce that we are nearly complete with the preparations for release of David’s bounty list. The delay has been in part due finalizing what tasks are to be performed by our marketing team and what will become available for our ever growing community interest. These bounties require a degree of management and we are excited to officially announce a new team member, Aletha Kellond, to the BitBay core development team. She runs her own recruitment firm which makes her highly qualified to fulfill the role as BitBay’s bounty manager. Once we put the finishing touches on the bounty list we will release a new community update ASAP.

Also worth mentioning that our marketing team has finalized their new branding guidelines for BitBay! With this complete, we now can begin implementing their marketing strategy through our various core development teams and soon to be released community bounties. 

David has been busy gearing up for the next release of the Client. He is working diligently to bring these new updates including exotic spend (Checklocktimeverify built-into the Client UI) and a new hard fork to correct the stake reward to the correct block reward value ASAP.

We’ve been testing:

- a new price tracking feature for the “Custom Contracts” template. This will will also be applied to the Buy/Sell Anything template to be released in the near future.

- a new import/export messaging system that allows for manually sending bitmessages to counterparties during “email based” contract negotiation as a failsafe way to continue correspondence.

- pursuing some alternative solutions to the timeout/disconnect issues some of our Mac users and VM users are experiencing.

We are thankful for everyone downloading the Client and learning all of its features. Other than a few Mac OS and VM Client blockchain sync issues, we’ve noticed that the Client is performing very well in regards to users lack of bugs to report! This might not seem like much to some of you, but you must understand that most coins and tokens are still only boasting about their smart contract technology “roadmaps” that are still nothing but vaporware. Here at BitBay, we have been perfecting an actual working product for over 2 years!