BitBay Community Update — 7/2/2017

  • BitBay has begun its Chinese Tencent QQ community marketing campaign!
  • We wish to expand our outreach into the Chinese community for months to come and provide as many community updates and translated blogs as possible!
  • David’s prepping to release next update for the Client — can be expected this coming week.
  • The new built-in price tracking Custom Contract Template and soon to be released Buy/Sell Anything Template. This price tracking is vital for merchants to keep their merchandise as accurate as possible in real time.
  • Will provide a superficial fix to Mac synchronization issue
  • Along with an updated addnode list to the bitbay.conf file for stronger network connections.
  • Multiple translators are beginning translations of BitBay documentation.
  • Currently we have in progress the translation of the bitcointalk OP in:
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Portuguese
  • Some of these translators will be managing the native tongue BCT threads as well
  • We obviously have many more translator positions to fill. If you are interested please contact either Aletha or Craig.
  • We are still organizing our preliminary budget before we release an official update to our community on our marketing fund — should hopefully be next week.
  • Development of our two secret projects that are due to be release this summer are progressing. Hope to be testing one to prep for release within the next 2–3 weeks. We apologize for the delay, the developer’s family health issue has passed with good news and he is finally back to coding!

Thanks for supporting BitBay!