BitBay Community Update 7/31/2017

  • Our marketing team has completed their strategy for marketing the future release of the CLTV update.We will spend ample time to market this to various media outlets. As this will be a great milestone for us. BitBay will be the first coin to have checklocktimeverify (CLTV) built into the Client UI — not just some protocol that sits ‘under the hood’.
  • We wish to thank all the community that has taken the time to complete our marketing survey. If you haven’t already please feel free to do so. Remember, we will provide a 2000 Bay reward for the person who provides the best suggestion regarding BitBay’s future marketing and development!
  • You can take the survey here:
  • The French marketing campaign continues. Our lead marketer, lude, will be speaking live with the Community “La Baleine”!
  • And thanks to ‘little_round’ for helping him with this campaign!
  • We are please to announce we will be listed on the Chinese exchange! They are currently revamping their website so we will have to wait a couple weeks before the listing will take place.
  • We’ve been listed on Cryptopia exchange as well —
  • After the dynamic peg, these exchanges will hopefully be able to see the potential we can provide them as a decentralized hedging tool, and the potential to provide them with leverage(margin) trading as well — which will allow them to bypass the red tape involved with utilizing fiat as a leveraging currency!
  • Our SEO team is making progress. They are busy with our survey, building an SEO ‘turk team’, and pushing to keep our pos. 2 rankings for [bitbay]!
  • Our graphic designer, fridenhood, completed the draft of the first OP infographic revision bounty. We are make some minor alterations and hope to move to the next 2 ASAP.

    As always — thanks for supporting BitBay!