BitBay Community Update — 8/7/2017

  • Thanks to Meta’s connections, he was able to get his friend Taha to integrate BitBay into his chrome price tracker extension. Now you can track the price of BitBay in your chrome browser!
  • The website bounty list has been completed in full in regards to web development tasks. Thanks to Shorn for all the fast and hard work! We still have some work to do with finalizing text documentation so we can begin translating our website to other languages.
  • The marketing team continues there work with the “La Baleine” French community along with others.
  • Our marketing survey has provided us will excellent feedback. We are still recording data, so if you haven’t already done so feel free to take our survey with a chance to win 2000 Bay reward for the person who provides the best suggestion regarding BitBay’s future marketing and development!
  • You can take the survey here:
  • We are prepping for the production of a new professional commercial to be featured on our website and youtube. This will take some time as we will utilize all our recent marketing research to provide a commercial relaying the communities input — seeing is believing!

As always — thanks for supporting BitBay!