BitBay Community Update 9/10/2017

- David has given a wonderful summation of the exotic spending updates that will be present in the next version of the BitBay market client. You can find all this information at . Also, reminder that the staking rate increase will coincide with the next update.

- Work is 99% complete on our very own BitBay block explorer! This will lay the groundwork for us to begin mobile development down the line.

- We are proud to announce Bruno Guimar√£es has accepted the role of Art Director for BitBay. With over 12 years of experience in visual marketing we feel he is more than qualified to take our brand image to the next level!

- We have also found an exceptionally qualified individual to take over as head of our marketing team, Traceur! Traceur has over 7 years of experience in B2B marketing, from deep market research to brand strategy, and we are privileged to have such a person assist us in getting the word out.

- Our newly appointed Project Manager, Shorn, has been and will be continue to aid in organizing and coordinating activities between the separate teams. This has streamlined our workflow, and we have been generally performing more effectively as a unit thanks to his contributions.

- A copywriter has been found, Priscilla, who will assist in making our technical text easily understandable to those who are somewhat new to Blockchain or technology in general, something vitally important as the market expands and average Joes enter the sector.

- Several minor (but quite inconvenient, speaking from experience) bugs have been fixed in the Mac version of the Market Client, those issues being an abnormally high rate of CPU usage and images not showing up on the marketplace. Now, it performs equally as well as our Windows market client, which is wonderful news!

- A professional and slick explanatory video about the BitBay platform is in the works (the audio sounds great!). This will be a streamlined and convenient way to introduce new users and investors to BAY, something that we all agree is vitally important moving forward.

The next version of BitBay should be coming out relatively quickly. David has had a bit less time as he has had to assist his family during these turbulent times in Florida, but things are more or less still on track.