BitBay Community Update — Bounty List — 6/30/2017

We are excited to announce that the following aspects of the bounty list have been assigned to the marketing team under the coordination of our Head of Marketing, Toomuchfun. To accept a bounty, simply apply for it. If you feel the price for a bounty should be increased you may also let us know your reason and we could potentially do so if it makes sense. To keep up with the momentum we have steadily been building our marketing team, we have decided the best path forward is for marketing to focus on completing these tasks in the immediate short term:

  • Rewrite Halo documentation
  • Organize and post a treasure hunts
  • Assist in new PR campaign
  • Manage Facebook marketing campaign
  • Manage Reddit marketing campaign
  • Improve “Official” Facebook page
  • YouTube videos about BitBay
  • SEO Bitcointalk Thread and Website
  • Create Signature Artwork

The following bounty tasks are available if anyone would like to put their names forward to contribute:

Graphics Designer

  • Make a GIF of the “software in action” — $50
  • Needs screenshots of markets, list of features with diversity of screenshots compelling marketing and nice animation. Seeing is believing we can use this to post on forums
  • Requirements:
  • Must have a background in graphic design or marketing
  • Consult with Aletha before beginning
  • Make Infographic — $50
  • SYS, Open Bazaar vs Bitbay — Revised. Make people understand there is no comparison. We have 2 party escrow and 100s of features. I don’t even think OB has wallet functions. You may have to download the competitions wallet to know how far ahead we are.
  • ETH vs BitBay infographic — Consult with David first so he can make bullet points. The themes are: Our smart contracts apply more to real world situations, ETH is bloatware our stuff is all P2P, we have a user interface and they don’t have demo contracts, we have hundreds of features within their wallet yet the mist client is goofy and doesn’t let me select text. Do a serious comparison, take notes and report your opinion of differences. ETH has the advantage of being able to issue tokens and do fancy contracts and programmable accounting. A great advantage and although they can do double deposit it required 3 years of work for me to make the user interface, user experience etc and currently we are STILL the only software in the world that does contracting between peers. ETH has a protocol but no UI or demo contracts or way for peers to reach out to each other.
  • Redesign BitcoinTalk OP infographics — Consult with Craig yet real graphic design
  • Requirements:
  • Must have background in graphic design or marketing
  • Redesign of “About BAY” infographic.


  • Client bug bounty — $25
  • Coding bugs only. UI discrepancies do not count
  • Requirements:
  • None — feel free to try out every feature you can. If you find any bugs post them in the #support channel on Slack or on Bitcointalk
  • Make sure you turn ‘on’ your ‘create debug file upon exit’ feature found in your general settings tab

Public Marketing Bounties:

  • Find a list of PR firms — $10
  • Rank your favorite PR firm first, talk to a few and see their outreach, compare prices and let us know which one you think is the best fit for us to hire. Can we reach a larger audience? Is there a Chinese PR firm?! Bonus if you find one that’s cheap.
  • Requirements:
  • Inquire with Aletha before beginning
  • YouTube videos about BitBay — $0.01 per subscriber
  • Get a youtuber to talk about BitBay and potentially interview a veteran community member or talk about bitbay in general. This is only if they are posting relevant content as a girl who does makeup videos should not be talking about Bitbay. If more than 500 usd in bounties are paid and we don’t see effects we might change the bounty reward
  • If the youtube has more than 100,000 subscribers you get a $100 bonus up to 5 of these bounties can be redeemed before a review. If the youtube has a million subscribers or more we don’t care if their content is relevant. It could be a hot chick who normally talks about makeup and we will still take it.
  • Requirements:
  • Inquire with Aletha before beginning
  • Placement on new Exchanges campaign — $25 — $1000
  • That link sorts exchanges by volume.
  • Although it’s true that the peg will make us obsolete to exchanges that don’t want to work with us, we need to tap into the Chinese market and hopefully Polo (take a guess which one we will pay 1000 for). Smaller exchanges with almost no volume will get a lower reward and we will base what we pay entirely on volume. The TOP exchanges get a greater reward. But just because it’s the top doesn’t mean it will get the maximum reward. The current budget for this will not exceed $3000 dollars until our core team reviews the effects of the new exchanges. IF there are costs involved approve those with us first and we will decide if to pursue said exchange.
  • Requirements:
  • Inquire with Aletha before beginning

Video Production

  • Video SEO campaign — $25 per video + costs (max 10 videos)
  • Start grabbing keywords to optimize easy videos. As not only do videos rank on google immediately but they usually rank at the top because google owns youtube. Keywords:”smart contracts” “unbreakable contracts” “decentralized markets” “dynamic peg” “bitbay” and maybe run analytics on other keywords. If you want to split the bounty two people can work on this, one to manage SEO keyword research and another to create the videos. If the video is not cool or compelling we reserve the right to reject the attempt to claim this. So talk to core to make sure we like it. The payment of this job may be increased. Might require two people, one with video SEO expertise and one who makes good videos for the keywords.
  • Requirements:
  • Inquire with Aletha before beginning


  • “Quality” posts to forums and news articles with good traffic — Price varies based on “quality” of post and location
  • Post to bitcointalk especially in communities we haven’t tapped like Chinese OP. Do NOT SPAM the forums, space out your comments. Do things right, trolling will not be paid and no bots or abusing the bounty. In order to get paid submit links to the comments so we can confirm your count. We will give you a bonus for finding a new relevant forum. Do people post to topix? Where do the chinese post? What forums other than bitcointalk garner traffic? Reddit is included here so this bounty applies to reddit. Make sure the posts are quality. Not all slack members will qualify for this bounty as people should want to promote this way anyways because they love the project. So please ask us before you start.However we need to start reaching out more.
  • Commenting on news articles is allowed if its not trolling or obvious marketing of our project and it must be on articles that are actually related to the subject. Contact us for GIFs
  • Requirements:
  • Inquire with Aletha or Craig before beginning or else you will not receive any bounty.


  • Translate Bitcointalk OP — $30 per translation
  • Translate to chinese, russian, greek, spanish, dutch, french, arabic, hindi. The site will have a plugin that allows visitors to edit so this can be easily managed from freelancer or upwork.
  • Requirements
  • Inquire with Translator Manager(s) before beginning
  • Manage Chinese and/or Spanish communities — $20 per week per community
  • Our target markets are China and Venezuela cash buyers. Currently both countries have a hard time getting into crypto and our software solves that problems with trustless wires. We can increase payment if you can put in significant hours.
  • Reach out on QQ and make a list of platforms that are used in China or forums they go to in order to talk about crypto.
  • Contact their media outlets and bloggers and vloggers.
  • Should probably speak the language but if we don’t have anyone who does then take the bounty and use google translation until someone is found to take your place
  • Requirements
  • Inquire with Aletha before beginning

Web Designer

  • Web Developer Update website — $1000
  • Contact us for all the details. You may need to take a moment to be familiar with the project.
  • Requirements:
  • Inquire with Aletha and David Zimbeck

We are very fortunate to have such a strong community that it may be the case we have several volunteers working the same tasks. No doubt the marketing team will also end up with additional volunteer tasks to distribute as we start to implement their strategy.

So for now, I would invite anyone interested in these tasks to make themselves known. Please be aware the focus is on quality, not quantity, so if you’re struggling for time, please be realistic with what tasks you can manage over a 4–8-week timeframe.

Here is an updated list of our current marketing team. I would welcome them to assign themselves for the bounty tasks as well as anyone currently not listed in a specific role who may be interested.

  • Head of Marketing — TooMuchFun
  • Marketing assistant(s) — Lude — Nozulan — Spoink — Mctjin — Rafa — Alfonsorodz
  • Web Dev(s) — TBA soon
  • Web Security — Gitgud
  • Graphic Designer(s) — Seeking Positions
  • Video producers — Lowercase — Mctjin
  • Team assistants — Gitgud — Ratatackeur — xxotakuxx
  • SEO specialist — silvervox325
  • Writers — BitBay_guy — GjSteele
  • Music — Mctjin
  • Social Media Manager(s) — BitBay_Guy — Mctjin — GjSteele — Lude
  • BitBay Developers — David Zimbeck — Anoxy — Thehiddenconifold — majd1239 — andreasp1994
  • Marketplace Manager(s) — rqdxrocket, Jimmyb
  • Support Manager(s) — Seeking Positions
  • Requirements
  • Must have thorough knowledge of the Client
  • Patience when working with others
  • Translation Manager(s) — Seeking Position