BitBay Exclusive Interview @ Block Chain Invest

Today the plan was to post another BitBay v1.26 Feature Focus piece, but an interview popped up on the Block Chain Invest website with answers to questions I do not believe have ever been asked before. I am sure you will discover some new and interesting BitBay information while reading it. I will have a summary of the new the Anti-Keylogging feature for you in a couple days leading up to the next update on March 22nd.

Below is a link to the article, and a couple of interesting excerpts.

Exclusive BitBay Interview @ Block Chain Invest

What are the targets for 2017?

I’m completely devoted to working 8 hour days to finishing the features in BitBay and Halo. I want to have everything finished by the end of the year including the pegging. Success is the sweetest revenge. This is why we didn’t make a new project. Because it will be so much more epic when it happens here in BitBay. With everything this software can do, it is many years ahead of the competition. This year we will have all the contract templates done, cold staking, decentralized pegging, python contracts etc.

What’s your plan to publicize your project and enable it to achieve objectives (investors, ICO, recruitment of developers, marketing,…)?

Currently, the core community has kept me going. These guys have invested money, time and countless hours in testing and helping me improve this software. Without them this would have been impossible. We wouldn’t mind investors, we want people to download the client and see for themselves how powerful it is. I’m not interested in another ICO right now. Maybe after everything is completed. The thing is, it really bothers me a lot that developers raise money without projects. In the world of cryptocurrencies, there is too much vaporware. I want people to see that this software is real, it works, its revolutionary and there is nothing in crypto even close to it. People need to know this so the core community has started marketing with voluntary funding. We have started PR as well. Adding more developers has been a fruitless. I’ve tried. So I realized again, I’ve got to code it alone. This is exactly how BitHalo got made. When you want something done right, do it yourself. This is why the best coders in the world are so expensive. They are worth it. When the project grows we can most likely review the projects requirements again.