BitBay... The next step to human freedom

During thousands of years, humans have always sought to facilitate their daily lives ( and yes, all for the sake of convenience!:) ). Just take a look at an interesting example:


Initially, humans could only use their legs as a means of travel. But this way of moving did not allow them to move for long distances and in a short time period. In addition, this method required a lot of physical effort. Over time, a person tamed cattle, including horses. Thanks to this, humans learned not only how to move quickly and far distances, but also they developed agriculture, transportation, trading, construction, and many, many more industries. Eventually, it was bicycles, trains, cars, planes .. and all this for increased convenience and movement of speed!

Let's consider another example:


Initially, in order to obtain any necessary item available from another person, there was only one way it could be solved: barter. People changed objects (jewelry for cattle, cloth for cutting tools, etc.), while bargaining and making in their opinion an equivalent exchange. Although now, such barter would not seem to be equivalent to us (for example, there were cases of exchanging a sack of grain for a dozen cows or so). Then, appeared paper money and coins from different alloys (copper, silver, gold, etc.), which simplified the possibility to trade and exchange the goods, since each coin and paper banknote had its value and denomination. Recently credit/debit cards appeared, and thanks to them, it became very convenient to pay for services and goods.


However, credit/debit cards also have their disadvantages (increased fees, personal information and transaction history is controlled and recorded by banks).


These types of problems are easily solved by Blockchain and Crypto.

And finally, an example of searching for information and communication development:


Thanks to the fact that humans have learned to communicate, a global impact has been had on the overall development of mankind... Due to speaking abilities, humans have learned to negotiate, make a peace deal, share responsibilities, trade, and develop in general (through gaining others’ experience). Writing also strongly influenced the development of mankind. All history and development (wars, everyday life, etc.) were recorded in books, which tells us many interesting and unusual things nowadays. Thanks to writing, communication could occur at a distance - you could simply write a letter and then send it with a messenger. However, humans never stopped developing and have continued to find ways to make their life easier. This led to the creation of telephone connections, and eventually, the Internet, which to date, has become the main communication option and retrieval for information. It also became a mechanism for carrying out various actions: buying goods, making deals, transferring money, paying for services and many other things.


However, the Internet has its own disadvantage - the restriction of human freedom because of the centralized system.


So what does this all mean for you and me?? It means that for future development, we need freedom of choice, freedom of speech and, of course, freedom of mankind’s open development. Throughout the history of mankind, individuals could always choose where to live, how to live (if this was not affecting the freedom of another person in any way) and didn’t have to disclose personal data for 3rd parties. However recently, because of centralization, humans have limited their own freedoms - when carrying out various actions, we are obliged to disclose our identity to third parties. We can no longer express our opinions about controversial topics due to the rules of censorship. We should not store confidential information in a bank or on the Internet, as there is a high probability of obtaining this information by malicious third parties.


BitBay is on the brink of solving all these problems - to return freedom to people, thanks to its innovative solutions.


BitBay provides:


  1. Privacy and security, thanks to BitBay advanced security features.
  2. Freedom of choice and trade, thanks to BitBay decentralized markets.
  3. Trust in the system, thanks to BitBay smart contracts and  

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