BitBay Release 1.26 Feature Focus — Anti-Keylogger

On March 22nd, as part of the v1.26 Client Upgrade, BitBay is giving you another tool to make sure your BAY remains in your possession. The Anti-Keylogger is another new addition in Client v1.26 to improve security. This feature gives you the ability to enter your passphrases using your mouse without pressing letters on the keyboard.

If you are unfamiliar with keyloggers, this form of spyware is one way hackers use to discover your passwords. By hiding a small program deep inside your system’s folders, a keylogger records each letter or number pressed on your keyboard. The keyloggers store this information in files to be retrieved later by the person who placed it there.

The BitBay Anti-Keylogger brings up an onscreen keyboard and a timer lasting approximately one second. When you hover over a letter with your mouse pointer the timer starts. If you move to another letter the timer starts over. If you stay on the letter you want entered, the timer completes and the letter is entered into the passphrase field. Users will want to be sure to remember to use the Shift key first for capital letters.

As you can imagine, while this feature eliminates concerns you may have about keyloggers stealing your private information, it also slows down how quickly you can enter your passwords. This issue is less of a concern when you realize you are still able to type in the passphrase field as well. This means if you have a long code consisting of many words like I do, you can type in the majority of it using the keyboard, and use the Anti-Keylogger to obscure just some of the letters. If this is your long term vault for the majority of your BAY, you may want to only use the Anti-Keylogger, but if it is the account you use regularly to access the BitBay Marketplace you might choose to use it for just a portion of your passphrase. The choice of how much you use this new feature is yours.

In a world where even our own governments are caught attempting to monitor everything we do online, the Anti-Keylogger is just one more way BitBay is looking out for your security. I don’t know of any other cryptocurrency out there with as many built in features to assure your coins are never stolen.

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