BitBay Release 1.26 Feature Focus — Client Staking

Though Client Staking does not have to do with security or privacy like most of the other updates in v1.26, I personally appreciate the convenience Client Staking offers BitBay users.

If you are familiar with BitBay, you know it is a Proof of Stake 3.0 (PoS 3.0) digital currency, and you can earn BAY simply by leaving your Wallet open for staking with your coins in it. The Smart Client Marketplace is a separate piece of software, and if you wanted to monitor the market while staking, both the Wallet and Client had to be installed and open at the same time.

With this update you no longer need to have both the Wallet and Client running together. The marketplace has PoS 3.0 integrated, and whether you are using the Client to create contracts or browse for your next purchase, your BAY coins are working for you in the background and earning interest. All you have to do is unlock your wallet for staking.

This might lead you to ask the question, “Why do I need the wallet then?” The obvious answer is, you don’t. The only thing it was still required for was staking. The BitBay Wallet will still continue to work as it does today, but won’t be a major part of BitBay’s future. I would recommend transferring your BAY from your wallet to the more secure client when you get a chance.

I do not know of any other cryptocurrency project out there where the staking wallet is built directly into a fully functional decentralized platform. Add this kind of convenience to the unprecedented account security measures being added, and you can see there is a lot of hard work going into BitBay on a continual basis to deliver a finished product people can use and trust.

What enhancements with real-world use have you seen delivered lately from the other digital currencies?