BitBay Release 1.26 Feature Focus — Cold Staking

The public release of BitBay’s Client v1.26 by the end of March comes with a few new key features we want to tell you about over the next few days. This new version is actually already live, and we are currently testing, perfecting and documenting for public release. If you would like to help test and try it out yourself, come visit us in BitBay Slack and one of the core members there will send you the link to get the update.

The first feature on the list is Cold Staking. This is a security feature making it nearly impossible for people to break into your wallet and manipulate your BAY balance in any way. If you are familiar with BitBay, you know there are two keys for every wallet. Cold Staking gives you the option to put those two keys on separate systems. This means not only would a potential hacker need to break into the computer BitBay is running on and crack your first key (which is all the protection most wallets offer), but they would also need to find and break into the second computer and unencrypt a second key as well.

This feature is currently working for computers on the same LAN (Local Area Network), and research is being done now into how to make it possible to connect the two systems over the internet. Working out the details for this has been a challenge due to firewalls and dynamic IP addresses, but once it is completed in a future release, we will provide you with the information you need to make it work for you.

Cold Staking, along with other features you will read about in the upcoming days, helps make BitBay the most complete and secure digital currency software available. This is the second update released in 2017, and more monumental updates, such as the dynamic peg you have been hearing about, are on the way. Hang on tight BitBay fans.

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