BitBay Release 1.26 Feature Focus — Tor Proxy

Over the last couple weeks we have focused on multiple ways BitBay update to v1.26 will provide increased security, including the Anti-Keylogger and Cold Staking. Here we want to tell you how BitBay will also protect your privacy by including Tor to conceal your location when using BitBay.

For the Client to function with all of its many features, it must request data from various URLs. For example,

  • For Price Tracking to exist on the “Buy/Sell Coins” template, the Client must request updates from
  • Once completed, the “Buy/Sell Anything” template will include both price tracking and a shipping calculator, which both require queries to shipping APIs.
  • The Client regularly checks for version updates.
  • The Client confirms timestamps and other minor data online.

This built-in TOR feature will allow you remain anonymous from these ‘under the hood’ requests. This feature is quite easy to set up. After you have installed and synced the Client:

  • First make sure Tor is running
  • Then go to Settings tab -> General Settings
  • And in the ‘Proxy TOR’ field, type:
  • Then close the general settings window

Congratulations! Your Client is now masking your IP address for any Client related Internet requests! Just one more feature of many in which BitBay places your privacy and peace of mind above the rest of the competition.