BitBay Response to Association with QTUM Co-Founder Patrick Dai

The BitBay development team has been asked to comment on the possible link between one of BitBay’s original founders, and Patrick Dai, a co-founder of the QTUM Project. BitBay’s lead developer, David Zimbeck has confirmed the man using the name Patrick Dai from QTUM, was known as Steven Dai when he was associated with BitBay.

Steven Dai walked away from BitBay with publically invested Bitcoin & millions of BAY from the initial offering which has never been returned. The BitBay team recommends extreme caution when it comes to investing in any cryptocurrency project associated with Steven (AKA Patrick) Dai.

BitBay is more interested in letting people know about the future than reliving the past. Even without support from the original founders, David Zimbeck has continued with the development of BitBay. A fully functional decentralized Smart Contract client is freely available for public use and is the most advanced crypto currency product available today. You can see more about the current state of the BitBay project by visiting the links below.


BitBay Slack

BitBay BitCoinTalk