BitBay’s New GUI: First Function, Now Fashion

Have you ever seen a Lamborghini and wondered how it would look without its shiny aerodynamic body, chrome wheels, or plush leather upholstery?

Chances are, it would be very ugly.

In fact, you’d probably have a hard time selling it, as any prospective buyer would take one look at it and say, “No Thanks!”.

That being said, even without those visual aspects, it would still drive AMAZING.

Simply removing the outside body parts would not take away from the raw horsepower, incredible stopping power, and other hi-performance features that make the vehicle so powerful. The amount of work, time and energy that goes into building such a masterpiece is mind numbing.

Like a Lamborghini without a body, BitBay’s decentralized Markets Client has been in the shop getting built from the ground up. Piece by piece. Constructing raw power and functionality has been our sole focus, since 2014.

Now it is time to add the paint.

If you have used BitBay’s Markets Client before, you probably noticed that the homepage didn’t exactly look as smooth as an iPhone X or as visually appealing as Windows 10. Mainly because during the last 4 years, the teamhas been hard at work building massive functionality into our platform.

With the core functionality now well developed, it is now time to release a brand new Market’s Client Graphical User Interface (GUI).

This GUI brings a fresh, new look to our platform, and is designed specifically with our users in mind. At first glance, you will see that we’ve simplified the layout of our Markets Client dashboard. This is in order to make things easier to find.

With a world-class secure wallet built into the platform, you will have a nice overview of your funds, and direct access to all of our user-friendly smart contract templates. Another small but important addition is the new status icons, located in the bottom left corner of every page within the client. This allows you to quickly see your wi-fi and blockchain connectivity, along with the “locked/unlocked” status of your wallet and staking.

We’re not stopping with the new GUI either. Next up, we will be releasing the rest of our smart contract templates. This will allow you to find a job, hire someone, or even barter/trade goods without even exchanging currency. Shortly after, we will be releasing our dynamic peg. This is a crucial feature that will limit the extreme volatility swings of $BAY, consequently providing a stable environment for merchants and consumers alike.

There are many other crypto projects that take the route of fancy marketing first, and put building the product second. Admittedly in a few scenarios, this has been a great way to receive funding and stimulate substantial growth. However this has also led to an extremely high number of “Vaporware” projects — those that have no working software, and possibly never will.

There are a TON of whitepaper promises, with nothing to show for it.

We do things a bit differently. Quite the opposite, in fact.

At BitBay our absolute priority is to implement a fully-tested and working product before anything else. Now it’s time to create a seamless and convenient experience for our users. This, in addition to our easy-to-use templates and dynamic peg, will pave the way for the mass adoption of our marketplace.

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