BitBay’s Smart Contract Client v1.26 Updates Due in March

BitBay’s newest updates to their decentralized Smart Client are scheduled for release in March. The updates include many features to make your Marketplace experience both more secure and user friendly.

Cold Staking will be introduced to allow you to keep your keys on two different systems, making your account virtually unhackable. For even more security, a new Anti-Keylogger will keep anyone from recording the keystrokes used to enter your password. The Marketplace Client will now Stake your coins, so your BAY can earn interest while being used in Contracts for buying, selling, and securing your purchases as intended. This feature is the last to be moved over from the Wallet to the Client, and eliminates the need for you to have a BitBay QT wallet altogether. These three new features, as well as the many others listed below, are all being added since the last major release in January. BitBay continues to deliver a product, while other digital currency projects deliver only promises.

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Other Updates Included In BitBay Client Release v1.26

Font sizes in pixels instead of points since PyQt4 has no DPI adjustment for UI

Made clear key location on Exit

Added Proxy/Tor option

Added Email login on account loading to protect password

Added ability to filter other currencies

Added way to activate debug file from UI

Added custom splash screen for Halo coins

AOL/Outlook typo fixed, removed support for due to change in their programming

Enhanced user interface, various fixes

Detected when users move keys from known location

Added generic encryption for sensitive data in temporary files

Fixed balance float

Fixed sorting and interface with the markets table

Encrypt/Decrypt functions added in the menu

Sign/Verify functions added in the menu

Allowed for Staking across multiple multi-signature accounts

Added Voting

Updated pastebin url

Fixed Email encoding/padding issues