Since the first client with unbreakable contracts was developed in early 2014 by David Zimbeck the BitBay Decentralized Marketplace has come a long way.
Fast forward to 2017 and we are making progress every day, bringing you one of the most feature-rich platforms in crypto.

With the addition of our new marketing, design and development teams we are set to continue this progress and growth into 2018 and beyond.


Roadmap Release

New infographics


Client Update ‘Exotic Spend UI’ Release

Blockchain Fork (stake reward fix)

New BitBay website Launch

Web Wallet Release


Christmas Surprise


Mobile App Wallet

New Client GUI

Surprise Release

Release of The Final Smart Contract Templates

Dynamic Peg Test Client Release


Programmable Smart Contracts

Dynamic Peg Release

Api Release

Fully Functional Web Wallet Marketplace


Much more to come


* The 2018 roadmap dates may be subject to changes

If you would like chat to our team members directly to know more about any of our upcoming features you can join our Slack, Telegram and Discord communities.