Revolutionizing Programmable Money

In 2014, the BitBay Halo Client was the industry's first to introduce a trustless, decentralized marketplace powered by unbreakable smart contracts.
Fast forward to 2019, and we are making progress every day, bringing you the most feature-rich platform in crypto.

In Progress

Dynamic peg exchange adoption

Ongoing integration discussions with new exchanges to implement the dynamic peg
In Planning

Web marketplace v1.0 release

First public release of a fully-featured web marketplace with DDE-enabled smart contracts

BitBay Bridge

Construction of a bridge to other networks such as Binance and Ethereum for easy access to decentralized exchanges

Strategic Partnerships

Exploring mutually beneficial B2B and B2C partnership opportunities
Completed - 2020

Dynamic Peg public launch

Public release of the dynamic peg and BitBay hard-fork

Web marketplace beta launch

BETA release with a live marketplace and DDE-enabled smart contracts

BitBay foundation website

Launch of the BitBay Foundation and dedicated website
Completed - 2019

Peg demo exchange testing

Testing of the dynamic peg behaviour on a demo exchange

Updated Qt Wallets

Including new features in preparation for the Dynamic Peg release

Web Marketplace Beta v0.1 Release

Completed - 2018

New Qt Wallets

Enhanced Web Wallet

Mobile Wallet App

Buy/Sell Anything Template

New Client GUI

In-wallet Fiat/Bay Purchasing

Staking Calculator

Multilingual Website Launch

Hire Template Release

Web Marketplace - UI preview

Barter Template

API and Programmable Smart Contracts

Dynamic Peg Whitepaper

Web Marketplace - Demo Version

Dynamic Peg - Test version

Dynamic Peg - Start Public Tests

Web Marketplace Demo Updates

BitBay Block Processor

A custom-built block processor, removing the reliance on ElectrumX for transaction processing

Web Marketplace Live Wallet

Release of the WMP live wallet including sending, receiving and storing $BAY

Android and Web Wallet Upgrades

Integration of the Android app and web wallet with the new custom block processor resulting in faster and more reliable transactions

BitBay Community Projects

Launch of the new community dev projects and rewards initiative
* Our roadmap is an indication of what we expect to release. It is not a promise to our users.