David Zimbeck

David Zimbeck, our lead developer, is unlike most people you will ever meet. His resilient work ethic, diverse project experience, and deep knowledge of cryptography has led to the creation of BitHalo, the world’s first unbreakable smart contracting system. These decentralized contracts are the fundamental backbone of BitBay. Born in Ohio and having lived all over the world, he has acquired the vast perspective needed to create truly disruptive software.

David is completely self-taught, and intimately knows a hard-day’s work. He developed BitHalo’s first 50,000 lines of Python code single-handedly from scratch... all while working long, grueling shifts on the oil rigs of North Dakota. It was here that he executed his idea of double deposit escrow, bringing unbreakable peer-to-peer contracts into real-life agreements.

As a former world chess master, he also possesses a truly analytical mind. David has a keen understanding of cause and effect, and sees the importance of early decisions in any situation. This mentality, in addition to his innate honesty, perseverance, and self-discipline has driven him to position BitBay well beyond most other blockchain projects in terms of both development and security.

Chess has helped me visualize code. It has helped me plan, memorize and problem solve. It has helped me anticipate problems well in advance.”

David now resides in Mexico, and continues to work round-the-clock to help keep BitBay on the forefront of blockchain development.

Achievements & experience

  • 2018 - Management of BitBay’s strategic growth, including 6 other developers and 30+ global team members; continued development of dynamic peg, voting system, and templates

  • 2017 - First design and release of BitBay’s user-friendly smart contract templates

  • 2016 - Development of BitBay’s built-in security features such as steganography, cold-staking, anti-keylogger, and others

  • 2015 - David took over BitBay, turning it into a community project

  • 2014 - First release of BitHalo, the world’s first functional P2P smart contracting software

  • 2014 - Began teaching himself the Python programming language… already having an understanding of C++, JavaScript, and others

  • 2006 - Carried out a significant acting role as a core pirate in “Pirates of the Caribbean 2”, member of Screen Actors Guild, also featured in many commercials

  • 2000 - Gained insight into escrow processes as a real estate Broker with 24/7 Real Estate and Nelson Shelton Brokerage

  • 2000 - Former CEO of Digistar Films - A media production company

  • Defeated 10 chess grand masters at the age of 18 during a Paris tournament


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