Wall of Features

Below is what we affectionately like to call the BitBay ‘Wall of Features’.
You can always find answers to any additional questions by visiting the FAQ page or asking in our Slack channel

  • Unbreakable contracts: Peer to Peer, no blockchain bloat
    - BitBay is using Halo’s famous double deposit two party escrow
  • Decentralized Anonymous Markets:  Peer to Peer, Bitmessage based, potentially stronger than Tor, serverless
  • Multisignature wallets with dual passwords hidden inside of PNG/JPG images using  steganography
  • User Friendly Templates for contracts
  • Custom Contracts template: Get creative! Microtrade like a true decentralized exchange using BitBay as collateral
  • Faucet training contract powered by the community
  • No fees. Everything here was designed with your freedom in mind
  • Full Offer/Counter-Offer negotiation system
  • Escrow panel with tons of options, anonymous chat
  • Feedback and reputation system, scan successful contracts, leave comments
  • Decentralized moderation keys available to trusted users
  • Start your own market, completely anonymous
  • Cold Staking using two computers, impossible to hack joint-account staking
  • Decentralized Voting: Completely trustless voting with custom staking
  • Automated Joint accounts and the ability to sign transactions with 2 computers (hard-core security). Share an account with a partner
  • Encrypt/Decrypt messages using your private and public keys
  • Price tracking so orders always maintain price
  • Automatically converts to $ dollars so you don’t need a calculator
  • Ability to hide any file in an image
  • Full integration with your Email, IMAP under the hood totally automated negotiation of contracts, fully encrypted
  • Bitmessage fully integrated free decentralized Email with each account
  • Pay by Email tipping system: hide payments in images direct to email
  • Anti-Keylogger: A special on-screen keyboard to finally crush keyloggers. Private keys randomly salted using mouse movements
  • Tor and proxy options for internet requests
  • Advanced sending with multi-pay options
  • Easy to use accounting panel, interact with all your inputs
  • Document and text sign/verify options using public keys, useful for notary
  • Translates to 90 languages
  • Training Videos
  • Live Python Debugger: Run the interpreter within the software
  • IRC chat built into the software
  • Unique change management system which breaks all the change into denominations. Perfect for managing lots of contracts
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With built-in decentralized, anonymous marketplaces and advanced security features, we recommend the BitBay Advanced Client to send, store and stake your $Bay.

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