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BitBay prepares for user adoption with new Web Marketplace

Preview of the web marketplace UI

As you may know, the cryptocurrency and smart contract space has been full of innovation these past several years. This innovation has spawned thousands of new ideas as a base-layer frameworks are currently being constructed. While this technology is steadily improving, we still have a LONG way to go before everyone can integrate it into their daily lives. That being said, a small handful of projects have been in development for some time and are now refining user-friendliness within their platforms. In today’s society, people want results at the speed of light and with the simple push of a button.

What normal individual would use “an amazing new technology” if they have to spend time downloading an entire blockchain, learning the software, and painstakingly converting their hard-earned fiat into a notoriously volatile (and possibly manipulated) cryptocurrency?

Quite frankly, nobody would.

In fact, your average Joe would sprint back to the comfort of their smartphone when faced with this reality. Only those working directly within the crypto space are utilizing these cutting edge tools on an everyday basis.

In order to bridge the gap between the functional framework of these platforms and a MASSIVE demand for user-friendliness, every project needs to equally focus on streamlining their features. This is the exact purpose of BitBay’s Web Marketplace, which will be officially released Fall of 2018.

BitBay has had a fully-functional Markets Client since 2015. Between the first release and now, we’ve been working around the clock, adding TONS of new features into the platform. This revolutionary software is the backbone of BitBay, and will always be the tool of choice for those who need bullet-proof security, robust privacy, and maximum flexibility. Our Web Market will provide an additional option for those who cannot download our software on their computer, and those who need quick and easy access to 

By accessing the Web Market through a simple website, people will finally be able to use our Double Deposit Escrow (DDE) contracts on the go. Things like a built in shipping calculator, price tracking, and easy search functions will all be included. Anyone will be able to simply visit the website and sell goods strictly peer-to-peerfrom anywhere in the world. This opens the door to a plethora of use-cases, particularly in developing countries.

For example, what are the chances that an old coffee farmer living in a rural area Venezuela could download the BitBay Markets Client, sync to the blockchain, and use it to sell premium coffee directly to a buyer in Europe? Even if they had a computer, chances are they wouldn’t even know where to start with using the BitBay software.

However, they probably do have a cell phone.

And with that phone, they could quickly and easily access the BitBay Web Marketplace, and create a listing to sell some high quality coffee. All peer-to-peer, without paying expensive fees, having to register a bank account, or having to go through an intermediary.

The purpose of BitBay is to solve two very large problems in the world. These are the problems of third-party risk and currency stability. While these problems are truly massive, they are not as prevalent in developed countries (such as G20) where the citizens have access to many options and economic opportunities. There are places in the world that needed a solution YESTERDAY and this is where BitBay intends to focus its efforts. In many ways, BitBay’s Web Marketplace will be one of the most important features that we will have released to date. It will provide a direct and easy way to access the power of intermediary disruption, for those who so desperately need it.

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